Pre Apprenticeship in ICT and Networking

Course Description

Develop the foundation skills necessary for success in an ICT/Networking Apprenticeship.  Focus on improving your Maths, developing practical skills and familiarise yourself with the technical language for your chosen area of study, before progressing to an Apprenticeship.

Course Content

Computer Systems Hardware

Networking Essentials

Operating Systems

Maths for I.T.

Mobile Technologies

ICT Security and Policy

Customer Service

Work experience



QQI level 5 Computer Systems and Networks 5M0536

Progression / Employment

Apprenticeship opportunies in ICT and Networking

Learners choose to avail of progression opportunites to third level or to Level 6 Computer Systems and Networks in the College

Entry Requirements

Apply on-line

Course Interview

Applicants will be asked for one written reference, copy EU Passport or GNIB card or Irish Residence Permit or Labour Market Permission letter