BTEI (Back to Education Initiative)

The aim of the Back to Education Initiative (BTEI) is to increase the participation of young people and adults, who have less than upper second level education, with an opportunity to return to learning in a range of flexible learning opportunities.

Part-time programmes under the BTEI are intended to make further education more accessible generally, to provide a re-entry route for those in the workplace who wish to upgrade their skills in line with emerging needs and to give them a chance to combine education and training with family, work and other responsibilities.

People eligible for these programmes include:

  • Adults and young early school leavers who left school with low or no formal qualifications or low literacy levels
  • Long-term unemployed, especially those in the older age groups
  • Those in the workplace with basic skills needs
  • Lone parents, and others with caring responsibilities
  • Non-Irish students who require literacy and language supports

For further information about BTEI (part-time programmescommencing September 2017 ) please contact the BTEI co-ordinator in the College, Christine Brunton avaialble  daily from 29th August.