Community Care 5M2786

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(In all cases you must get the full QQI award i.e. all 8 modules)

The following colleges reserve a small number of places for QQI students.

NUI Maynooth:

MH101           Arts 5 Distinctions minimum

MH107           Social Science 5 Distinctions minimum

MH108           European Studies 5 Distinctions minimum

MH116           Community & Youth Work Minimum of 5 distinctions. Must attend an interview.



DC235            Education & Training

Minimum of 5 distinctions which must include 3 of the following:

Communications, Work Experience, Care Provision & Practice, Human Growth & Development, Safety& Health at Work.


DT209             Health & Society Minimum of 5 distinctions



DT571             Social Care Minimum 5 distinctions

DT572             Early Childhood Education Minimum 5 distinctions

Entry to the following colleges is based on points which are calculated as follows:

  1. Distinction = 49

  2. Merit = 32

  3. Pass = 16


IT Blanchardstown:

BN011             Social Care

BN107             Social Care 3 Distinctions minimum

BN025             Community & Youth Development

BN115             Community & Youth Development 3 Distinctions minimum

BN118             Early Childhood Care & Education 3 Distinctions minimum


IT Tallaght:

TA025             Social Care 3 Distinctions minimum  


IT Dundalk:

DK862 Social Care 3 Distinctions minimum

DK876            Early Childhood Studies 3 Distinctions minimum

DK767            Community Youth Work 1 Distinction or 2 Merits minimum


Marino Institute of Education:

CM010            Education Studies Minimum of 5 distinctions

CM020            Early Childhood Care & Education 5 Distinctions minimum